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Adding value to your home is what every homeowner wants. Any choice you make for your home, ultimately, should be to increase its value. Hardwood floors are a wonderful addition to any kitchen. Not only will they add the sophisticated look of warmth, they will help increase the value of your home. Hardwood flooring can also bring out the color of your cabinets or countertops. Chosen correctly and carefully, wood floors can really tie a room together. If you’re looking for hardwood flooring in Buford that are priced competitively and are made with unmatched craftsmanship, look no further than Purdy Flooring and Design. Our fully educated design experts will take the time to go through each step of the flooring process from choosing your hardwood colors through installation and cleanup.

The Power of Hardwoods vs. Carpet

Carpet is a wonderful, wonderful floor covering. But it has its faults. A newly installed carpet can feel great on your feet, but beware of what’s inside. Unfortunately for residents of Buford, pollen is a big part of our lives for a couple months a year. Carpet has the tendency to retain and harbor pollen, pet dander, germs and bacteria. Hardwood floors are so solid they can harbor very little if any bacteria or mold, and certainly a very small count of pollen. Having hardwoods also means fewer stains. Have you ever seen hardwood stain? Now how about carpet, have you ever seen a stained carpet? Sure. We all have. Stains in carpets are inevitable. Dust mites, stains and smells love carpet. But they can’t stand hardwood floors because they will not thrive in hardwoods. Essentially, hardwoods are a healthier option for floor coverings when it comes to your family, pets and stains.

Your Buford Hardwood Flooring Team


At Purdy Flooring and Design, we not only stand by our quality, customer service and competitive pricing, but we also stand by our customers. From your very first in-home Buford hardwood flooring consultation, which is free, to tear off and haul away, to install and cleanup, Purdy will there to lead the way.

It’s our objective to exceed your expectations. Our customer service skills and knowledge of interior design are second to none, and it shows. From the manner in which you will be greeted to the fine details installed in your home, we pride ourselves on our service. If you have any questions or want to learn more, contact our office located in Buford, Georgia today!

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